About Us

Afghan Mother and Child Rescue (AMCR) is a small hands-on organisation which has as its entire focus the welfare of women and children in one of the poorest countries in the world. It has no other agenda, political or religious. Since the formation of a democratic government in Afghanistan, the charity has worked closely with the Ministry of Public Health.

The core of AMCR’s work is building and helping to equip Mother and Child Health Clinics, known as MCHs, in some of the more remote parts of Afghanistan. These have a direct effect on reducing mother and child mortality, because women are far more likely to use a facility reserved exclusively for them.

Areas which have an MCH see a dramatic increase in the number of women who have pre-natal check-ups, opt to give birth in comfortable and clean surroundings, and bring their babies to have their health monitored. The clinics have already contributed to a sharp fall in infant mortality in Afghanistan.

AMCR is also working to support Afghanistan’s many war widows, who often have several children and no income. The charity has built five bakeries to provide employment for them. Widows have also been trained as tailors and equipped with sewing machines, enabling them to earn money while working at home.

It is a point of principle that the members of AMCR pay their own air fares to Afghanistan. The same is expected of volunteers, such as doctors and engineers, who may accompany us. When in Afghanistan, expenses are paid from charity funds. On our yearly or twice-yearly visits, projects are initiated and carried out by local labour, with our assistance. On completion of a project, we ensure that those involved are paid directly.

This is aid at the grass roots, without the intervention of any committees.